Who is the C&EN Media Group?

The C&EN Media Group provides advertising opportunities targeted to our large, powerful audience through custom media and publications. Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) is the award-winning news outlet that reaches the American Chemical Society’s vast membership of nearly 157,000 scientists, as well as the worldwide chemistry community in academia, industry and beyond. Through its website and weekly print newsmagazine, C&EN covers the latest research advances, business trends, chemical safety data, career information and more.

C&EN’s integrated advertising network includes robust lead generation programs, unique print advertising opportunities, and access to over 50 scientific research journals that attract more than 25 million scientists, engineers, and R&D professionals around the globe.

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Learn more about online advertising campaigns with cen.acs.org. 91% of our visitors are involved in the purchasing process, and 62% recommend, specify or make final purchasing decisions.

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