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ACS’ analytical instrumentation audience is a global community of industrial and academic researchers. More than 50% hold doctorates in their respective fields of biology, chemistry, genomics, neurochemistry, proteomics and spectroscopy. With more than 86% of readers responsible for purchasing decisions, it’s the type of influential audience you won’t find anywhere else.

Reach them with ACS’ comprehensive line of integrated solutions tailored specifically to the analytical instrumentation audience. Supported by editorial coverage on the latest scientific and technological advances in accuracy, selectivity, sensitivity and reproducibility, it’s no surprise that our readers keep coming back for more­­––close to 6.4 million times more every month. Deliver your message alongside our highly viewed content, and together we can continue to drive scientific achievement.

Target Your Audience

  • More than 86% of readers hold purchasing power
  • 52% of readers hold a doctorate or post doctoral
  • 55% of readers plan to purchase analytical instrumentation products in the next 12 months
  • 67% of readers work in R&D
  • 43% of readers work with chromatography products
  • Exclusive access to ACS Fall & Spring National Meetings, CPhI, Informex and Pittcon attendees
  • Average Budget: $212,000
  • 51% Industry vs 49% Academic



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Analytical Instrumentation Channel

Long-lasting impressions come from reaching across all relevant channels where your target audience is most engaged. ACS has made that easy for you by providing the science community with some of the most popular analytical instrumentation journals in the industry. Maximize your ROI by delivering your message across the Analytical Instrumentation channel.