Empowering Research & Discovery

Scientists in the chemicals and reagents community spend their day developing new products and improving existing ones that continue to change the way we live. As they make bonds and push the boundaries of chemical development, C&EN and ACS Publications are there to support their endeavors with industry-leading news and insight.

It’s this type of high-quality content that attracts the industry’s foremost innovators and thought leaders. More than 50% of readers hold doctorates in their respective fields, and more than 86% of readers hold purchasing power. With a built-in audience of scientists and key decision makers, there’s no better way to reach them than with one of ACS’s targeted digital solutions. Together, we can empower the chemical community.

Target Your Audience

  • More than 136,000 eTOC alert subscribers
  • Delivering more than 12 million impressions monthly
  • More than 86% of readers hold purchasing power
  • 52% of readers hold a doctorate or post doctoral
  • 60% of readers plan to purchase chemicals in the next 12 months
  • 34% of C&EN readers work in the industrial chemicals industry
  • Average Budget: $212,000
  • 51% Industry vs 49% Academic




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Chemicals & Reagents Channel

Reaching your target audience means delivering your message across the channels that keep them coming back for more. With ACS’s chemicals and reagents-specific publications, we’ve already captured the attention of the science community’s most powerful decision makers––now all it takes is a simple message across our relevant publication bundles.