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C&EN provides a host of opportunities, from whitepapers to webinars and traditional advertising display ads. We also have a firm understanding of the many other channels and avenues that will allow you to not only to reach an audience, but build thought-leadership for your organization.

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Lead Generation Case Study Science MarketingHow can you use content marketing to help promote a new or enhanced instrumentation product? A specific challenge for a recent C&EN Media Group client was to not only generate leads, but to get high quality leads for the sales pipeline, especially given that this was a new product with ambitious sales objectives. Custom content marketing, be it a white paper or webinar, can be leveraged to draw such prospective customers to you.

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Present your product or service solutions with C&EN eBooks. Team up with us to create content that highlights how your company solves problems with real examples that your target audience can relate to and understand. Display charts and key findings to effectively demonstrate your industry leadership.

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C&EN Subject matter experts and C&EN’s publisher will collaborate with you and your team to produce a 5-7 page white paper for you that addresses a topic of interest to our members and aligns with your solution.

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Custom Web Symposia

Born from the success of the C&EN Webinar program, C&EN also offers turnkey sponsorships of its Web Symposia, where we develop and broadcast presentations from world-renowned speakers to attract your buyers’ attention. Read More.

Case Study: Starlims Technology Web Symposia

In 2014, one such topic in the series was focused on a 60-minute live event titled “Improving Lab Productivity & Decision Making in Chemical Research”, which explored practical tips on how organized R&D can help companies and their manufacturing processes. The custom webinar was the ideal solution that STARLIMS was looking for – a new, innovative way to reach a captive audience while promoting their thought-leadership in the laboratory software industry. The C&EN team worked with our sponsor and secured internationally recognized experts in the topic area to produce a successful lead generating event.

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Ask potential customers the questions you need answered to make data-driven decisions. By quickly reaching thousands of customers and prospects, C&EN’s custom, web-based surveys can provide your business with critical information to help guide your sales and marketing efforts.

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