C&EN Advertorials

C&EN Advertorials

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Now more than ever, C&EN advertisers will have unique ways to position their organizations as thought-leaders and trendsetters. New to the editorial calendar, C&EN Advertorials will provide companies with an exclusive platform to highlight their achievements and products. All alongside topics and top-notch editorial content in key C&EN issues.

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Remaining 2017 Sections

Cell Therapy – Challenges & Opportunities (+ Webinar)
Oct 2 Issue Focus: Informatics/Software
Advertorial Content Due: Sep 4, 2017

2018 Sections

Cannabis Testing
Mar 19 Issue Focus: 2018 Priestley Medalist: Geraldine Richmond
Advertorial Content Due: Feb 19, 2018
One of our most popular native advertising opportunities is returning in 2018. This particular cannabis feature will explore how the market for medical marijuana is rapidly changing around the world.

Smart Materials
May 14 Issue Focus: Personal Care/Cosmetics
Advertorial Content Due: Apr 16, 2018
Can your clothes tell you when you need to eat, drink and sit based on signals they pick up from your body? We’ll cover the different ways smart wearable materials are being incorporated into clothing to give us real-time feedback.

Advances in Omics
Aug 6 Issue Focus: R&D Outsourcing/CROs
Advertorial Content Due: Jul 2, 2018
The field of biomedical research is deluged with studies on different types of omics. We’ll delve into the challenges and opportunities in analyzing and understanding the behaviors of large, complex groups of biological entities.

Advances in Drug Development
Oct 8 Issue Focus: Lab Informatics
Advertorial Content Due: Sep 10, 2018
What are the current challenges and opportunities facing the pharmaceutical industry around the world? Another popular discussion for C&EN readers will be featured in this advertorial.

Advances in Instrumentation
Nov 19 Issue Focus: Materials Research
Advertorial Content Due: Oct 15, 2018
This native advertising piece will describe how instrumentation, such as mass spectrometers and microscopes, have enabled fundamental discoveries to happen in the realm of biology.