Rich Media

ACS has added rich media to its list of advertising placement opportunities to provide users a more pleasant online experience, and advertisers a more effective way to drive conversions and brand awareness.  Rich Media is proven to outperform standard ads as it empowers advertisers to interact and inform the user by integrating images, video and audio.

rich media acsACS’ research finds advertisers who take advantage of rich media experience superior campaign performance in comparison to those advertising through traditional banner ads.  According to a recent study by IAB/Media Mind, users that have seen a rich media ad are 3x more likely to click-through to the advertiser’s website compared to those that have seen a standard banner, and users are 6x more likely to click on ads with embedded videos.

Rich Media provides up to 150 measurable elements including clicks, rich media average display time, impressions, video completions, hovers, shares, tab clicks and much more.

rich media acs

Still wondering what Rich Media can do for YOU? 

  1. Experience higher interactive rate with target audience
  2. Integrate more calls to action with larger space for messaging
  3. Include video/flash and demonstrate the product
  4. Measure results with in-depth reporting
  5. Increase brand awareness and brand favorability

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