C&EN’s 2017 Media Kits: Find Your Next Opportunity

Our blog covers the topics we help our clients with every day. Download a media kit to learn how to implement them for your organization.

By C&EN Media Group

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Throughout the year, we discuss best practices for everything from print advertising, to design techniques, to lead generation, and the tools needed for science marketers to get these campaigns not just off the ground, but fully optimized. Our team at C&EN Media Group draws on the experience we have with our clients, as well as what we’ve learned when launching our own campaigns.

79% of our readers find advertising useful to learn about new products, and 76% are involved in the purchasing process.

All of these elements culminate in our media kits, presenting marketers with the best opportunities and solutions for those needing to reach the chemical enterprise.

Our 2017 media kit showcases the audience of C&EN, ACS Publications, and the American Chemical Society at large, while drawing on the ad product capabilities available as a publisher, and the type of campaigns we live and breath every day as marketers ourselves.

To find the opportunity for your message, whether it’s a supplement to your CPhI campaign, social campaign, or a custom advertorial, take a look at our media kit today. If you need a guiding hand, see our assessment tool below as well. Answer a few short questions, and it will automatically recommend the perfect fit!

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