Agency Profile: CG Life

Managing Partner Erik Clausen discusses how a passion for science drives results and builds a unique culture at CG Life

By C&EN Media Group

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CG Life was featured as one of six top science marketing agencies in C&EN Media Group’s Movers & Shakers of Science Marketing. Founded in 2003, CG Life is an integrated marketing and communications agency that covers every aspect of B2B branding, marketing, and communications. Managing Partner Erik Clausen describes the group as a family of scientists, creatives, and marketers who share a passion for translating science and technology into brand experiences that deliver impact and drive results. As part of our Movers & Shakers series, we talked to Erik about how this passion for science drives results and builds a unique culture at CG Life.

Insights from CG Life

Erik is a marketing and communications executive with more than two decades of international experience building brands and telling stories. Since 2010, he has been a leader of CG Life. He is also the founder of the Life Science Network, a professional networking organization that reaches more than 25,000 professionals.

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At CG Life, Erik credits his agency’s inquisitive nature for being able to uncover clients’ problems and provide winning solutions. “We do deep discovery with the client and ask SO MANY QUESTIONS,” says Erik. “Companies often approach us with a tactical need, such as a press release, website, or ad, but when we start asking questions and get into why they think they need that, the picture forms. They have a deeper or more complex business problem to solve.”

With heightened public interest in science and skyrocketing demand, it’s a great time to be a science marketer. Erik hopes this passion and respect for science will continue to spread. “If there is one silver lining from the global pandemic, it is a renewed faith and increased understanding of science. This is a wonderful by-product of an ugly period in the world,” he says. “I firmly believe there will be a generation coming up who will not only understand and pursue science, but will also champion it. This might be our only shot at adapting to climate change and avoiding the next global pandemic or other threats that we don’t even see around the next corner. This concept excites me a great deal.”

CG Life at a Glance

  • Website:
  • Year Formed: 2003
  • LinkedIn: CGLife
  • Primary Industries Served: Life Science, Medical Devices, Fine Chemicals, Contract Manufacturing, Contract Research, Biotechnology, and Pharmaceuticals
  • Services Provided: Brand and Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, SEO, Creative Services, Public Relations, Content Development and Marketing, Advertising and Paid Media Strategy, Market Research and Insights, Social Media, and A Good Time
  • Target Audiences: CG Life helps organizations of all shapes and sizes to reach scientists, physicians, patients, executives, investors, partners, and the public.
  • Office Locations: Chicago, San Diego, Denver, and Philadelphia

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