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C&EN Webinars: Stronger Leads.

Sponsor a C&EN Webinar and you’ll get 45 minutes to present on your topic, plus a live 15-minute question and answer discussion at the end of the broadcast. C&EN prepares all marketing materials and generates leads from our pool of interested and influential contacts, including ACS Members and C&EN readers, while you enlist your company’s subject-matter experts to discuss your technologies and industry.

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Why Webinars? The Statistics.

The C&EN Webinar program is a go-to source of information for updates on products and services for companies across the chemical, instrumentation, materials and life science industries. Webinar attendees range from lab chemists to CEOs seeking the most innovative services for their company.


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  • 97
    Surveyed ACS members find C&EN webinars beneficial
  • 46
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Navigating a New World for Marketing & Sales

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How do you Harness the Power of Webinars?

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How to Harness the Power of Webinars is a marketing guide to webinar strategies.
This paper focuses on implementing webinars as a lead generation tool,
with helpful tips and best practices for this essential marketing vehicle.

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