The Mad Men & Women of Science Marketing

C&EN Media Group is pleased to present a profile series specific for the science marketing industry. Featured in this book are the people and agencies who are pioneers in our field, working with companies big and small. They launch products, they define brands, and they are in incredibly in tune with the challenges we all face as science marketers — and how to solve them.

Read their advice on leveraging PR, what impact millennials will have on our messaging strategy, how storytelling and technical content can come together, and much, much more.

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These are the Mad Men & Women of Science Marketing

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Chuck Miller, The Market Element

Chuck Miller is the president and cofounder of The Market Element. Based in Louisville, CO, the company focuses on developing industry-specific digital marketing toolkits to drive highly targeted lead generation, ROI and business growth for clients in high-tech industries. In our interview, Chuck discusses the value of merging traditional business marketing and lead generation metrics with smart content development for showcasing science and technology companies.

Kate Whelan, Notch Communications

Kate Whelan co-founded Notch Communications in 2011 in the UK with Peter Brown, and now heads up their Sweden office. Her scientific background consists of a PhD and postdoctoral fellowship at The University of Cambridge, Centre for Brain Repair, where her research specialized in the neurocellular elucidation of spinal cord injuries. Her marketing expertise centers on brand strategy, PR and technical writing.

Daniel Hoexter & Ryan Ferrell, HDMZ

Formed in 2013 as a merger between life science agencies Harris D. McKinney and Zoomedia, and dually based in Chicago and San Francisco, HDMZ is a marketing and communications agency primarily serving the life sciences and health care industries. Daniel Hoexter is the President and CEO of HDMZ, and Ryan Ferrell is their director of scientific communications. They provide detailed insight into how PR and media outreach helps life science and technology clients tell unique brand stories, establish elite information leadership in their established fields, and use content to build trust and generate business leads.

Clare Russell & Paul Avery, BioStrata

Clare Russell, BSc, PhD and Paul Avery, BSc, PhD are the managing directors of BioStrata, a life science marketing agency. Clare’s research background in physiology, immunology and medical research is paired with many years’ experience in health care, life science and pharmaceutical technology marketing. Paul’s background is based in genetics, molecular biology and pathology, including a PhD completed at the University of Cambridge, before he moved into marketing for scientific companies. Here they discuss the importance of combining marketing strategy, creativity and their scientific knowledge to produce interesting, engaging stories and data-driven marketing results.

Murad Sabzali, CG Life

Based in Chicago, with offices in San Diego, San Francisco and Boston, CG Life is a full service marketing communications agency specializing in brand and campaign development for life sciences and health care organizations. Founding Partner Murad Sabzali shares his thoughts on communicating unique science brand stories, balancing creativity and scientific rigor, and important future digital trends.

Gary Slack & Gayle Novak, Slack & Company

Based in Chicago, IL, Slack and Company is one of the first integrated marketing companies, with over 28 years of experience in marketing, communications and strategy within the business-to-business sector. Gary Slack is the chairman and CEO of Slack and Company and Gayle Novak is Partner and Director of Client Services. They offer their thoughts on cutting-edge best practices for B2B marketing to companies in the science and engineering sectors, and provide case study examples.


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