C&EN whitepapers and eBooks provide you the opportunity to collaborate with our reputable team of C&EN Media Group writers to produce educational content that your target audience can access within seconds. If you already have a whitepaper written, we can also help execute a marketing and branding strategy for a successful launch.

Whitepapers and eBooks are a proven method to effectively communicate how your product or service solves today’s scientific problems. Connect with your potential clients with a whitepaper that isn’t a sales pitch – but rather a valuable source of information that incorporates display charts, key findings, research, case studies and interviews.

Custom Whitepapers

Tell us your topic of interest and our team will research and develop the content of your whitepaper. Our production team will make the entire process completely turn-key — from the initial outline phase to the final design phase we’ll develop all materials and ask for your feedback along the way. We’ll also create a robust marketing campaign with digital banners and emails.
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Custom eBooks

Present your product or service solutions with C&EN eBooks. Team up with us to create content that highlights how your company solves problems with real examples that your target audience can relate to and understand. Display charts and key findings to effectively demonstrate your industry leadership.
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Supplied Whitepapers and eBooks

If you have an existing whitepaper and eBook, we can help you create a targeted marketing campaign. Utilize C&EN’s brand authority to push content to an engaged audience of key decision makers on C&EN and the ACS Journals platform.
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