Exclusive White Paper: How to Make Your Message Bond with Scientists

By C&EN Media Group

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The C&EN Media Group is proud to present its first white paper in a series designed for marketers looking to reach the scientific community. We know that marketing to this audience requires a special approach, because unlike a more general consumer audience, scientists are more likely to demand specific evidence to support claims. They’re trained to filter out biased or unreliable information because their own methods dictate it and their jobs depend on it.

This white paper, How to Make Your Message Bond with Scientists, is broken down into four steps to help you define your message, each step hitting on a critical area of science marketing:

1. Knowing Your Audience

2. Writing Compelling Copy

3. Choosing the Right Media Mix

4. Measuring Your Results

Other helpful tips include a breakdown of qualities that define your audience, how specific advertising mediums are used, industry stats, and more. The guide will arm you with the knowledge you need to connect with scientists, target your company’s message, and deliver measurable results. Because even though scientists may be more data-driven than the average consumer, they’re also keen to act on a substantiated offer that speaks to their needs.

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