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If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve likely read about C&EN BrandLab, our custom content studio designed to work with advertising clients to tell their stories. (Or maybe you’ve heard how excited we were to be nominated for a Digiday award!) Part of why we launched the studio was because native advertising is its own unique beast in the advertising world. The rules change depending on what publisher you’re working with, what platforms you want to be on, and at the very fundamental level: it all depends on how you want to tell your story. As such, we’ve been building a number of resources for our audience, such as consultations with experts, and other resources similar to what we’ve done here on C&EN Marketing Elements. The content is meant to be devoted to native advertising and custom content best practices, and what it would actually look like to work with our publication.

Please browse our initial list below. Out of all of these resources, what’s the best way to stay up-to-date? Subscribe to our quarterly native advertising newsletter – designed for you, the science marketer. Thanks for reading, and please email us at with any comments, content ideas, or other suggestions!

Native Advertising Resources




  1. Subscribe to our quarterly newsletter straight from the C&EN BrandLab team.

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Each newsletter will focus on best practices for content, trends, articles from our studio, and other industry news and events. The goal is to be a resource just like our C&EN Marketing Elements blog, but to specifically focus on how science companies can best use a native advertising approach.

Get your native advertising tips here.

2. Missed the previous quarterly newsletters? Review past blog content on our C&EN BrandLab site.

From the top marketing trends we expect to see in the chemical sciences in 2018, to Q&A’s with our BrandLab writers and editors, catch up on these resources here.

3. New to the world of native? Start here.


Here we compiled a handy cheat sheet of common terms the industry has been throwing around. (Spoiler: there’s a lot.) Plus, we’ve given examples as to what these terms mean in our publication.

4. The Native Advertising Institute published a Q&A with our executive editor of C&EN BrandLab, Raj Mukhopadhyay.

Learn what’s important to us, how we tell our stories, and much more in this snapshot of our studio.

5. Watch a quick overview about how marketing is changed, and how we can help you adapt.

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6. Download a white paper for more in-depth learning.

print advertising strategies to reach researchers

This free resource covers innovative tactics not just on native, but on a number of unique print advertising strategies. Learn the key elements to consider and exactly how to implement these types of sophisticated campaigns.

Download your whitepaper here.

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