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Movers & Shakers eBook: Insights from Top Science Marketing Agencies

Six of the world’s top science marketing agencies share insights into the state of the industry and lasting impact of the pandemic.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made a radical, long-term impact on the way we live and work. Businesses have adapted to a ‘new normal” and continue to face workplace challenges never before seen. How have the last two years impacted the science marketing industry? We interviewed six of the world’s top science marketing agencies to find out.

In Movers & Shakers of Science Marketing, these six agencies – BioStrata, CG Life, HDMZ, LINUS, Notch, and Orientation Marketing – share how agency life has changed, trends within the industry, and their expectations and hopes for the future of science marketing.

“If there is one silver lining from the global pandemic of the past two years, it is a renewed faith and increased understanding of science,” said Erik Clausen, Managing Partner at CG Life. “This is a wonderful by-product of an ugly period in the world. I firmly believe there will be a generation coming up who will not only understand and pursue science, but will also champion it.”

Below is a snapshot of our featured agencies and the insights you can expect from them in our full eBook.

Our Featured Top Science Marketing Agencies


Photo of Movers & Shakers eBook featuring top science marketing agency BioStrata

BioStrata is an integrated, full-service marketing agency. Founded in 2014, they offer traditional services such as strategy, design, and science writing, as well as outcome-based packages, including brand awareness and lead generation. In addition, they provide project-specific services like product launches and website development. 

“The power of a strong, memorable, trustworthy, credible brand is making a comeback with many companies switching budget to digital lead generation activities (and perhaps reducing their investment in general brand-building activities), this homogenized how companies appeared to people browsing the web, perhaps with the belief that prospects will click on paid search results and even banner ads without much preference for the brands they know and trust. I think some companies are now challenging this notion, building a strong brand as a ‘rising tide that lifts all boats’ when it comes to boosting the performance of their other marketing activities.”

– Paul Avery, Co-Founder of BioStrata

CG Life

Photo of Movers & Shakers eBook featuring agency CG Life

CG Life is an integrated marketing and communications agency. Founded in 2003, CG Life provides nearly every aspect of B2B branding, marketing, and communications — always aimed at a specific business or organizational outcome.

“The biggest challenge is having something unique to say. There are so many campaigns in our industry saying the same thing or targeting the same audience. Be original. Find a unique position to own, and then, double down on it in all channels.”

– Erik Clausen, Managing Partner at CG Life


Photo of Movers & Shakers eBook featuring top science marketing agency HDMZ

HDMZ is a full-service marketing communications agency with expertise in life science research, medical devices, and digital health technology. Founded in 1936, the agency works with category-leading companies in the life science industry to launch new, innovative life-saving products and therapies; and to strengthen and transform clients’ brands for the sole purpose of connecting those brands to patients in need.

“The key to keeping clients and employees happy really boils down to trust and love. Do they trust that you’ll do what you say, and deliver what you promised? Do they know that you care about them as people? We’ve tried very hard to live that every day. We do things for other people. Not for brands, or clients, or positions in an org chart — but for people.”

– Dillon Allie, President and Chief Executive Officer at HDMZ


Photo of Movers & Shakers eBook featuring LINUS Group

LINUS Group is a strategy and innovation consultancy. Founded in 1996, LINUS helps leaders in life science and health-related organizations make decisions that will transform, grow and gain relevance with their audiences.

“Even before the pandemic made techniques such as PCR into a household name, science was steadily marching into the lives of everyday people. Today, practically every industry is searching for or implementing a health strategy. We believe that those companies who control the health economy will control the global economy, with a more scientifically literate average consumer, getting scientific and healthcare knowledge, goods, and services from a much broader array of brands.”

– Kristin Apple, President of the LINUS Group


Photo of Movers & Shakers eBook featuring top science marketing agency Notch

Notch is a full-service marketing and digital marketing agency. Founded in 2011, most of the agency’s clients are in the B2B sectors, specifically life science, specialty chemicals, contract development services, biotech, and drug development.

“Business leaders across multiple studies are planning to invest more in their marketing activities, especially in video, content, and digital marketing. So, the digital landscape will become increasingly competitive and if companies are not matching the marketing activity levels of their competitors, they will be left behind. Internally, across all client accounts, we are seeing this trend play out.”

– Kate Whelan, COO and Head of Notch Scandinavia

Orientation Marketing

Photo of Movers & Shakers eBook featuring Orientation Marketing

Orientation Marketing helps ingredients, packaging, medical technology, contract manufacturing, development, and research organizations uncover opportunities to become more visible, increase engagement and generate more leads. Established in 2015, their portfolio of services includes media planning and buying, inbound marketing, content, PPC, and creative services.

“Being too direct, pushy and ‘salesey’ to a highly intelligent and educated audience never works. You need to demonstrate that you know what you are talking about and that you are not just another salesperson chasing commission. Any marketing claim needs to be backed by science and by research. The more thorough you can be, the better. A scientific audience can always be moved by the detail.”

– Chris Lawson, Director and Co-Founder of Orientation Marketing

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