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Report: How to Advertise to R&D Scientists

Marketing to different positions in R&D labs can be challenging. Download our breakdown of the types of researcher in the lab, tips on advertising to them, and additional buying behavior statistics from our recent study.

By C&EN Media Group

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Research and development rarely occur in a vacuum: It takes close collaboration to tackle complex research questions, develop new methods and protocols, or engineer a novel instrument. Science is an ecosystem with many different stakeholders that have their own interrelated roles, responsibilities, and influence.

But too often, brands focus their advertising and marketing campaigns solely on the scientists with final purchasing authority. This, on the surface, makes sense: Why waste precious ad dollars on those who can’t pull the trigger and buy their product?

However, studies both inside and outside the chemical sciences show that it’s important to surround your audience throughout their careers.

To help science marketers understand the true value of advertising to all scientists, whether it’s in industry or academia, C&EN Media Group created this new guide. In this downloadable report, we highlight:

  • What each member of the lab is responsible for, and how they fit in to the purchasing ecosystem 
  • Highlights from a recent C&EN BrandLab study on what drives a scientist to both recommend products, and to pull the trigger to make a purchase
  • Methods on how to effectively reach each member of the lab, and why it’s important to do so
  • Preferences for personalized content across the customer journey
  • Why you should pay attention to social media, with key analysis on usage in the sciences
  • What to keep in mind if a crisis impacts your campaigns

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