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Science Marketing 2.0: A New Era, a New Toolbox

With changing technology comes new tactics. Catch up with our white paper for science marketers

By C&EN Media Group

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We are not in Kansas anymore, and this is not your father’s Oldsmobile. Science Marketing is in a state of continuous flux – it’s changed from 20 years ago; it’s even changed from yesterday.

First off, marketing channels are expanding at a seemingly exponential rate. We were once limited to television, radio, print, America Online and CompuServe. Now we have YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instragram, Pinterest and text messaging. Next year there will be even more variety, and existing platforms will already have evolved.

With changing technology comes new tactics. Small marketing shops have become multimedia centers. Copywriters now sit next to mini video studios, share coffee with coders and read up on analytics. Short, pithy slogans have given way to long-form content marketing.

Even the language of marketing is changing. Product, place, price and promotion – the iconic four Ps – are now being replaced with experience, everyplace, exchange and evangelism. We can no longer allow passivity to creep into marketing strategies; customers expect to be engaged. “You have five seconds – Go.”

How is this affecting the marketing profession? How is it not? Adobe’s 2014 Digital Roadblock survey found some interesting tidbits that follow through into the science realm…

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