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The Importance of Visual Storytelling in Science Marketing: Part One

Learn from Digital Image Studios in this two-part guest blog post series.

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Creativity drives scientific innovation, and creative marketing methods are vital to communicating new discoveries and technologies. Visual communication methods are essential in any creative marketing strategy; however, digital visualization methods are even more powerful ways to convey complex biomedical concepts. With the increasing speed at which everyone is inundated with information, it is becoming more and more important to find unique ways to stand out.

In the first post of this two-part guest series, Digital Image Studios will show how captivating 3D visuals are useful throughout a multimedia marketing strategy. The animation below, showing how a novel antibiotic molecule was constructed, is just one example of how digital 3D models can be used to explain detailed structures with clarity and accuracy. Then, in part two, they’ll discuss what the creation process should look like, and how to make an impact and lasting impression.

Why Use Visual Communication?

Visual media is a universal means of communication and is one of the best ways to connect with an audience. Words are useful, yet visuals can convey a vast amount of information instantaneously. Consider this blog post for example; reading about visual marketing is informative, while the visuals themselves prove their efficacy. An object’s form or a sequence of events described in words requires high-level abstract thinking. Visuals serve to clarify complexities and reduce ambiguity, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of complex scientific concepts.

Really Going Digital

New biotechnology, procedures and other advances in science are often difficult to represent using words or even hi-resolution photography. The ability to modify rather than just capture visual information is essential. Digital 3D methods allow complicated anatomical or physiological environments to be recreated in a way that serves to clearly define relevant structures.

As the above video illustrates, when setting up a scene in 3D, spatial relationships between objects can be accounted for and the ways in which objects interact can be determined with great accuracy. Digital 3D representations, whether organic or geometric in form, can be constructed from sketches, verbal descriptions or existing data. These virtual representations can then be viewed from any angle, allowing a deep understanding of the subject in ways that are not possible when relying on descriptions or illustrations alone. These realistic virtual product models are then readily available to use within their intended context.

As seen in these examples, visual imagery is a marketer’s friend in showcasing complex and sophisticated products, but can also illustrate how smaller product components work in the laboratory or larger product ecosystems. These visual tools can be used throughout your website, and as tools for your sales team to help guide leads through the end of the sales funnel. In the next blog post, we take a closer look at the process behind creating digital imagery, so you can get started on your next campaign. Click here to continue reading.

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