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Tips for an Effective Marketing Video [In Video!]

By C&EN Media Group

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Last year, 93% of marketers used online video as part of their marketing packages, according to emarketer, validating that video can be a powerful tool to attract your audience. But are you effectively getting your message across and maximizing ROI? MacDougall BioMedical Communications, a life sciences consulting firm, put together a video for us with practical tips on how to use video to market your product or services. They’ve also included great examples of how biopharma companies have done it, such as Foundation Medicine and OvaScience.

Watch the video to learn more on

  • how to stick to an elevator pitch with top-level messaging,
  • the importance of keeping the passion,
  • and our favorite: remembering that your audience shops at Amazon! Meaning, regardless of what they’re viewing, they’ll want similar experiences across platforms.

A special thanks to Michelle Avery and MBI for putting this together! Click below for the full video.


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