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Top Five Science Marketing Articles of All Time

Take a look at C&EN top rated blog posts of all times that can help you improve your relationship with your audience and strengthen your digital presence.

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As science marketers, looking back and reviewing industry tools and tricks that we have learned in previous years helps us to improve our marketing strategies and plans for the years to come. Especially after the challenging two years we’ve had, between a global pandemic and an ever-shifting industry, so many of us have been faced with completely changing the way we do business.

In fact, coming out of 2021, we have seen even more marketing trends change dramatically. For instance, every campaign now has a virtual element, making resources inclusive and accessible online when they were only available in person pre-pandemic. And, most traditionally in-person events and trade-shows have completely gone digital or transitioned to a hybrid model, even with mass vaccinations and return to work policies. 

However, not every business was equipped to handle that digital pivot, leaving many teams, science marketers, and advertisers left behind the curve. But even before all of these major industry shifts, the C&EN Marketing Elements Blog has been providing you with just the tools, tips and tricks that you need to stay ahead of the market. 

This year, we will look at the top five C&EN Marketing Elements blog posts of all time with information or tips and tricks that can still be applied in today’s marketing world. In the past years, most of you were interested in learning more about tips for creating effective display campaigns, hosting successful virtual booth events, identifying the difference between content and product marketing, recognizing the benefits of combining online and offline strategies, and your all-time favorite blog about chemicals discovered by accident. 

Let’s review top rated C&EN Marketing Elements blog posts with powerful information that can still foster your relationship with your company’s audience, increase your brand awareness, and positively impact your bottom line.


Five Key Factors To Consider When Creating Your Display Ads

No matter how experienced you are as a digital marketer, it is always helpful to polish up on best practices before launching your campaign. Take a step back and make sure you’ve thought through each of the five key areas: Goals & Themes, Simplicity, Call-to-Action, Value Proposition, and Optimization, which are essential to the success of your display campaign.

Read the full article to learn more about how you can effectively apply these five crucial elements to your campaign.


Exhibit A: Seven Steps to a Masterful Virtual Booth

Setting up a conference booth once required flights, hotel stays, long days, confusing podium builds, printing mishaps, and a significant chunk of time away from all other business commitments. Now, all of the benefits of a physical booth can be achieved without changing out of your pajamas. We’ve entered a wonderful new age: the age of virtual symposia.

Naturally, there is a learning curve as we all adapt to increased interest in this forum. Attending virtual symposia and hosting virtual booths requires a different marketing strategy. However, proactively honing your skills will provide a marketing edge for your company. 

So what goes into a winning approach? Read more of this article to find out.


Product Marketing vs. Content Marketing: What’s the difference?

The goals and intent of product marketing, including the costs, ROI and timelines, are all quite different from content marketing.In fact, product marketing uses a lot of paid and direct advertising, along with content that is designed to close a sale whereas, content marketing has an additional layer that relies on ‘inbound marketing,’ which focuses on drawing the audience into your brand with genuinely helpful content.

Read more to grab the ins and outs of product marketing compared to content marketing.


The Benefits of Combining Online and Offline Marketing Strategies

We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” but with the rise of digital media and the power that it can bring to your brand, it can be tough to heed the warning. Digital marketing is relatively easy, cost-effective and, with nearly everyone spending more and more time on their phone or tablet, it’s possible to market your brand’s message close to 24-hours a day. 

It’s no surprise that the pandemic has led to an increase in the use of digital marketing due to social distancing norms and safety measurements. Companies all over the globe have had to adapt to new ways of work and life. But still, traditional advertising formats have stuck around, showing their use in the digital age. 

How can you take advantage then? Read the full article to learn about the pros and cons of each medium and understand how you can take an integrated approach by using a print and digital advertising mix in your campaigns.


Five Life-Changing Chemicals Discovered by Accident

Many scientists and engineers get into their line of work to find cures for various diseases and develop new technologies to make our lives better. Some find success after a lifetime of innovation and creativity. But others find similar success entirely by accident.

Many of the chemicals and materials we depend on today arose from absolute serendipity. In this article, you’ll learn about five chemicals discoveries – in no particular order – of our favorite ‘mistakes’ that not only worked but also changed our lives for the better.

Read “Five Life-Changing Chemicals Discovered by Accident”

As we round out the end of 2021, we want to know what new marketing strategies you’re looking to tackle, or ways you’re planning to pivot your 2022 campaigns. Use the comment section below to tell us what type of marketing resources, how-to’s, and other content would help you reach your goals!

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