What We’ve Read Recently: Marketing Insights from Around the Web

By Sondra Hadden

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There’s a lot of content out there. One spends over 50% of their time looking at content online, and 27 million pieces of content are shared each day, according to a list of stats compiled by Kapost. At C&EN Media Group, we wanted to find a way to share our favorite articles out of this 27 million, but also provide some context as to why we enjoyed them. We intend to share our favorites every now and then, and hope you enjoy our first ‘installment’ in this series of What We’ve Read.

1. On the subject of SEO:

We don’t consider ourselves ‘dummies’ here, but we were curious what would fall under this category in Social Media Today’s post, SEO for Dummies: Learn SEO in 10 Simple Steps.

Now, we’d argue these aren’t exactly simple instructions for an SEO newbie, as you don’t really classify coding as simple anywhere. But their post does provide the backbone of what you’ll need for your site, and as such, is a great template for moving forward with the strategy. It does still serve a purpose for the more savvy user as well. We find that most people understand the principles behind researching keywords, but did you really think about what it does when you link to a PDF in your drop down nav? We recommend this article for a variety of SEO expert levels, even to serve as a simple refresher course.

2. On the subject of content marketing:

We’ve been sharing a lot of tips, how-to’s, and other instructional pieces about content marketing on our twitter feed recently, including updates from a recent Content Marketing Institute virtual conference.

But this next article is from the trenches: Why one journalist made the leap into branded content. The author looks at the critiques surrounding company-made content, and came to interesting conclusions from both his time as a journalist, and as a newly minted editor for /newsrooms, a Toronto-based “front-runner in brand journalism”. It goes to show where marketing and advertising is heading, and it’s nice to get that perspective from someone who has seen both sides of the journalism debate.

3. On a related note:

Definitely read 10 Content Marketing takeaways from the New York Times. Some kind soul summarized a leaked document from NYT that outlines the internal challenges and digital landscape of the publishing powerhouse. You’re getting a snapshot of the industry as a whole, as well as some very applicable items for your own business in one well-written piece.

4. On social media and LinkedIn:

The executive editor at LinkedIn, Daniel Roth, posted this piece back in October of 2012. Why on earth would we share it now? It has resurfaced again as our teammates are becoming eligible for LinkedIn long-form posting authorship. The post, The 7 Secrets to Writing Killer Content on LinkedIn, lives within the new editing tool and is offered as resource for users.

We really liked the content at the beginning of the post, where Roth was honest about where they saw their Pulse initiative going – as in, they didn’t. Were professionals looking for a few tips on how to be inspired? Long-form or lists? He listed these and others as questions they had to define post launch, and then goes on to describe what they found in the process.

This piece is definitely shaped around how to publish content on LinkedIn, so it’s also worth a read if you have access and are exploring it as an option for your company.

5. Finally, on Something Random:

How to Bake Scientifically Accurate Cake Planets: waitwow.com/make-scientifically-accurate-cake-planets

No follow-up description needed, but good luck.


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