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By Sondra Hadden

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About What We’ve Read: We share our favorite articles and stories in a round-up of what’s circulating on blogs, twitter, and the rest of the online community. Dive in with our latest digest below.

On Search:

There is lots we love about Think with Google, a beautifully designed content platform showcasing the latest in marketing trends, tips for Google products, and interesting projects the company is doing. For one, we highly recommend taking some time and browsing through their site.

The specific post that caught our eye was an infographic they released in conjunction with CES 2015, the Consumer Electronics Show that just wrapped up in Vegas. What can actual Google Search results tell us about tech trends in the New Year? Read on and find out.

On Free Design:

Thesumall_speech_thought_bubble_cutout Next Web blog compiled an extensive list of free tools and content for designers, from identifying fonts, to Adobe’s own free learning platform. Some are more complex than others and won’t be useful to the true beginner, but our favorite resource was right at the top – Fribble, which hosts a variety of images for you to use.

On science and innovation

The Scientist released their list of Top Innovations of 2014 from their annual contest, meant to highlight the products that can change the face of research and ‘revolutionize the word of life scientists’. While some companies have been around for awhile, like Illumina and Organovo, the contest highlights specific products recently released from such companies. Of special note, check out the database called Sciencescape, which “offers a ‘Twitter-like experience’… allowing users to browse their personalized news feed of newly published papers that fall into any of the categories they choose to follow.”

On a final look at 2014

Our own C&EN put together a Year in Review Chemistry Quiz, as well as an accompanying site that showcases the best pictures, quotes, most cited research papers and more from the past year. C&EN Know Your Chem

Take the quiz, and share your results with us using the hashtag #knowyourchem. (You may win a prize.) Good luck!

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