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Now more than ever our audiences are spending an increasing amount of time online. With an average of over 436,098 unique visitors each month on C&EN, and 4.8 million unique visitors on the journals platform of ACS Publications each month, our suite of online products attract more industry researchers and scientists than any other online chemistry publication in the world.

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C&EN’s diverse digital options give you the ability to target any segment you choose and track the results. Our high performing ad types can help you reach help you reach your ideal audience through as many different channels as you like:

Reach C&EN’s global audience of chemists and R&D professionals with digital advertising


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C&EN online audience demographics

With an average of over 436,098 unique visitors each month on C&EN, and over 4.8 million unique visitors on journals platform of ACS publication, our suite of online publications attracts more industry researchers and scientists than any other online chemistry publication in the world. Tap into the buying power of our audience.


Monthly Unique Visitors –


Monthly Page Views –


Average Time on Site  Articles-

  • 87
    online visitors Involved in purchasing process
  • 47
    Make final purchasing decisions
  • What's the Right Way to Go Digital?

Banner Ads

For high-visibility branding and awareness, leverage standard advertising units across C&EN and ACS Journals. Digital display advertising appears alongside top editorial and research content with IAB-standard sizes including leaderboards, medium rectangles and half page units. Click below to read our blog post about best practices for display advertising.

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  • Native Ads

Native Ads

Native display units promote your content with artful imagery, well-written headlines that lead to a landing page on your site that is relevant and prompts user to complete an action. True native units appear within the editorial feed driving readers to custom content hosted on our site, and created by our team of branded content editors and communication specialists.

Native Video

Educate and entertain readers with the most easily consumed and shared format – native video. These ad units are built within the editorial feed to serve high-quality click-to-play video content in a noninterrupted way.

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  • Rich Media Ads

These ad units are first-in-class, delivering ad campaigns in highly visible, non-intrusive formats. Optimized and served across all devices, these units are generating record-breaking campaign performance, surpassing CTR of traditional banners by over 267%!

Header Reveal

The header reveal offers a large space for your advertisement and is
the first thing that readers see when they visit our site.


The in-article reveal unit is strategically placed in-line within articles, allowing for a seamless experience as readers scroll through the page.

Expandable Display Units

Rich media ads can generate up to 1,000% increase in ad interactions, making engagement rates 6 times higher than static display ads. These engaging units expand on click.

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