Lead Generation Case Studies for the Science Marketer

For over a decade, C&EN has been producing successful lead generation campaigns for advertisers who need to connect with – and sell to – a scientific audience. Whether it’s positioning your company as subject matter experts, running demos of your products, or showcasing testimonials in proven formats, the case studies featured here are a sample of what C&EN Media Group has delivered for your peers.

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How do you define and reach your target audience? What technical details do you need to consider when delivering online content? Here at C&EN, we tackle these questions and deliver real ROI for our clients through our lead generation programs. Whether you have a whitepaper already at your disposal, or you need all of C&EN’s turnkey services, there’s a solution for every budget and objective.

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  • Featured Case Study: Agilent

Our client needed to capture and drive sales leads for its atomic spectroscopy range which included the ICP-MS and ICP-MS/MS technologies. The execution needed to be strategically timed in order to capitalize on the pending deadline for implementation of the new elemental impurities guidelines for drug products and ingredients. Given the growth of the pharmaceutical industry globally, they also needed to reach prospects in Europe and Asia. See which lead generation program our client utilized to secure over 1,000 leads that had a real business impact: $3.7MM in potential revenue. See case study

Lead Generation Case Studies for the Science Marketer

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Lead Gen Case Studies for science marketers
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