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Turning Scientific Insights into Compelling Stories

C&EN BrandLab specializes in creating effective and engaging content for a global scientific audience. We utilize your scientific insights to craft custom marketing solutions that allow your brand stories to resonate, drive customer action and ultimately, produce profitable outcomes.

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Custom Content Options


Native Articles

Ignite the curiosity of your scientific audience with captivating custom storytelling in C&EN and online, offering in-depth insights, breakthrough discoveries, and cutting-edge research that positions your brand as a leader in the scientific community.

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Dive into the depths of scientific knowledge and generate leads by providing high-value technical information through our custom ebooks, offering in-depth analysis, practical applications, and the latest advancements that resonate with your scientific audience.

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White Papers

Tell us your topic of interest and our team will research and develop the content of your white paper. Our production team will make the entire process completely turn-key — from the initial outline phase to the final design phase we’ll develop all materials and ask for your feedback along the way.

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Visualize complex scientific data and research findings with visually stunning infographics that combine text and imagery, allowing you to communicate scientific concepts, experimental results, and trends in a visually engaging and accessible manner.

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Surveys & Research

Uncover the scientific community’s opinions and gain data-driven insights by conducting surveys and research tailored specifically for your target audience, enabling you to make informed decisions, explore emerging trends, and refine your strategies.

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Engage your scientific audience with interactive webinars that showcase your scientific expertise, discuss breakthrough technologies, or sponsor editorially-led initiatives in collaboration with C&EN BrandLab.

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