Journal of Chemical Education

The Journal of Chemical Education (JCE) is the world’s premier resource for educators looking to access peer-reviewed articles, news, commentary, laboratory experiments and classroom activities related to chemistry and educational research.

From professors and administrators, to researchers and graduate students, JCE readers come from all around the world and 90% of them hold purchasing power. Deliver your message alongside our integrated network, and together, we can continue to advance the world of chemistry. Let us create an integrated package that connects you with the world most influential scientific educators.

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JCE’s integrated advertising solutions reach a global audience of educators with tremendous buying power and loyalty. 67% of print readers have been reading JCE for more than 10 years. Accessed over 1.7 million times a year, the JCE landing page alone also receives 81,677 unique visits, while our email alerts are sent to over 4,900 educators each month.

Why the Journal of Chemical Education?

Our readers are highly educated and actively shopping for your industry’s product.

  • 72
    Readers Are Involved in the Purchasing Process
  • 37
    Readers Make Final Purchasing Decisions
  • 99
    Readers with a Bachelors or Higher
  • 75
    Readers with a Masters or higher
  • 56
    Readers with a Doctorate or higher
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