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C&EN Rich Media: Boost Interaction

Rich media ads are a favorite for brand advertising as well as generating a splash for products and services. They offer eye-catching video and can expand to a larger canvas that grabs the attention of users. They are dynamic and flexible and proven to keep your customers engaged for a long time.

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Introducing high impact rich media reveal ad units on

Activate your digital ad campaign and increase your campaign ROI even further with our integrated header reveal and in-article reveal ad units on These high impact ad units are first-in-class, when it comes to advertising units, delivering your ad in highly visible non-intrusive formats. These automatically responsive units can include video and engaging elements with measurable touch points, and are the first thing readers see when they visit our site. As the user scrolls, the ad starts to close so the reader can continue to the content after viewing the ad. Our second available unit, the in-article reveal appears in-line within C&EN articles. Both ads are custom built for desktop, mobile, and tablet experiences.

According to eMarketer, rich media click-through rates (CTR) outperform standard banner ads by 267%!
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