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Agency Profile: Chuck Miller of The Market Element

In our recent interview, Chuck discusses the value of merging traditional business marketing and lead generation metrics with smart content development for showcasing science and technology companies.

By C&EN Media Group

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C&EN Media Group is pleased to present a profile series specific for the science marketing industry, and will be featuring each of the profiles in our Marketing Elements blog.

Chuck Miller Science MarketingHere we interviewed Chuck Miller of the Market Element (a great name, if we do say so ourselves!), whose company focuses on developing industry-specific digital marketing toolkits to drive highly targeted lead generation, ROI and business growth for clients in high-tech industries.

In our interview, we asked him about the balance of storytelling with technical concepts, the dangers of oversimplifying a campaign, and ways to go about thinking outside the box.

Read these insights and learn more about Chuck in our Mad Men & Women of Science Marketing series.


Download Chuck’s insights here.


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