Agency Profile: Daniel Hoexter & Ryan Ferrell of HDMZ

In our next interview in our Mad Men & Women of Science Marketing series, we hear the real, concrete strategies behind PR, the importance of long-term brand building, and more.

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In our profile series, The Mad Men & Women of Science Marketing, we’ve spoken to a number of experts in the field – marketers who have unique backgrounds in the chemical sciences, or long-term agency experience working with niche companies.

HDMZ science marketingIn our next interview, we spoke with Daniel Hoexter and Ryan Ferrell of HDMZ, a marketing and communications agency primarily serving the life sciences and health care industries.

We asked Daniel and Ryan to discuss their ideas around ‘informational advocacy’, start-up life, the role PR plays when you have something new to saycurrent projects they are excited about, and more.

Read these insights and learn about Daniel and Ryan’s science marketing strategies in our next installment of our Mad Men & Women of Science Marketing series.

Download Daniel and Ryan’s insights here.

HDMZ science marketing

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