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Agency Profile: LINUS Group

LINUS Group Founder and CEO Hamid Ghanadan and President Kristin Apple discuss the expanding reach of health and science into our everyday lives and recent changes within the industry

By C&EN Media Group

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Colorado-based LINUS Group is one of six top science marketing companies featured in C&EN Media Group’s Movers & Shakers of Science Marketing eBook. The strategy and innovation consultancy was founded in 1996 to help leaders in life science and health-related organizations make decisions that will transform, grow and gain relevance with their audiences.

We spoke with company Founder and CEO Hamid Ghanadan and President Kristin Apple about the expanding reach of health and science into nearly every industry and how their business has changed over the past few years.

Insights from LINUS Group

As a biochemist turned marketer, Hamid has dedicated his career to redefining the way we communicate to the life science and healthcare industries. Kristin, a healthcare leader and passionate brand strategist, has advised the world’s largest consumer healthcare, CPG, and pharmaceutical companies.

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LINUS Group is less of a traditional agency and does not engage in downstream, tactical work. As Hamid explains: “We evaluate (or create) all possible channels for our clients to foster relationships with their audiences and recommend a marketing mix strategy that best delivers on our clients’ objectives and demonstrates the meaning behind their brands.”

One industry trend that excites Kristin is the steady march of science into our everyday lives with nearly every industry searching for or implementing a health strategy. “We believe that those companies who control the health economy will control the global economy, with a more scientifically literate average consumer, getting scientific and healthcare knowledge, goods, and services from a much broader array of brands,” says Kristin. “This will create a tectonic shift in the science industry, and we are already seeing this with brands such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Best Buy, Bose, Mastercard, Lyft, Strava, Calm, and many others providing offerings in the science and healthcare markets.”

LINUS Group at a Glance

  • Website:
  • Year Formed: 1996
  • LinkedIn: The-Linus-Group
  • Primary Industries Served:  Life Sciences, Biotech, Health Tech, Healthcare, and Consumer Health
  • Services Provided: Insights, Strategy, and Innovation
  • Target Audiences: Key Decision Makers in Pharma, Biotech, Diagnostics Laboratories, Academia, Clinicians, Patients, and Consumers

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