creating science marketing white papers

The Art & Science of Creating a Successful White Paper

A science marketer’s guide to creating a white paper that will drive audiences to action, now recently updated with new resources.

By C&EN Media Group

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The marketing landscape is constantly changing: with the latest content marketing driven approaches, to new digital trends, it’s no longer acceptable to simply tell your customers about your products or services – you have to demonstrate your market leadership.

In this white paper, C&EN Media Group takes a look at a popular new format to convey this leadership, the white paper. What makes these tools so successful for scientific products, and how can you leverage one of your own? We’ll tell you what a successful white paper is – and what it isn’t, as well as:

  • the most common types of white papers
  • the importance of an outline – and following it
  • proper writing techniques specific to the white paper format
  • how to promote and leverage the tool

and much more.

Download your whitepaper below.

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