4 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Budget

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By C&EN Media Group

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Updated Jan 2020

Many marketing departments today are being asked to achieve better results with fewer resources. And as the number of media channels steadily grows, marketing decision-makers find it more and more difficult to decide where dollars will be most effectively spent, – and are held accountable for where it goes.

Despite these challenges, the right balance of effort can streamline your marketing approach to maximize your budget. Below are 4 simple – and evergreen – ways your marketing budget can be stretched to its fullest to take advantage of every ounce of your efforts.

1. Get serious about social.

Practically every company, regardless of its marketing budget, is utilizing social media in some way. Why? Because it can be very effective, and — with the exception of ads and sponsored campaigns — engaging with your audience is free. Even with the paid social approach, which is needed due to changing algorithms, this approach can certainly be cheaper than other advertising avenues.

Social media’s lower price point, however, is exactly why so many marketers are using it poorly. Set a strategy before you start posting anything to LinkedIn groups, Twitter, Facebook pages, and other social sites. Take time to develop thoughtful social content that fits into your overall campaign while also engaging your audience in two-way conversation. Every post should have a purpose, and authenticity is critical. Additionally, don’t focus on the number of followers or page likes. A smaller, engaged audience is more powerful than a big headcount.

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2. Target your digital efforts.

From mobile ads to newsletter sponsorships, online advertising empowers you to focus on the digital channels most pertinent to your audience. Create specific campaigns that complement the content they’re supporting, and refine messaging to speak directly to your core demographic.

Take advantage of targeted communication options, such as demographic targeting or geo-targeting toward specific audience-rich regions. Always be attentive of opportunities where ongoing campaigns can be refined, and test out various iterations of your call-to-action to see what language is best at converting. With the right mix of digital media and refinement, a targeted digital campaign will narrow your communications to the audiences who matter most.

3. Repurpose premium content.

As content marketing becomes an increasingly important component of an integrated campaign, demand for high-quality branded content grows. Since good content takes ample time and resources to produce, be mindful of areas where content can be repurposed.

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For example, a blog or article could be later resurrected in an email newsletter. Web messaging could supplement portions of your ad copy. Ebooks, white papers, or other long-form pieces of content could form the basis of a webinar to fuel a lead generation campaign.

Even small changes to content, such as a new headline or updated statistics, can make it feel new again. Look at your best content and think about how it can be tweaked to live across a variety of marketing channels.

4. Continually invest in your website.

A well-designed, carefully articulated website can serve as the centerpiece of your integrated marketing campaign. This is the digital storefront for your business. Think about the customers’ experience as they move throughout your site. Is your website easy to navigate? Is it free of bugs, typos, broken links, or outdated information? Is it mobile friendly?

Almost every call-to-action on your marketing materials is leading people to your website. Focus on keeping your site clean and current so it magnifies the return on every other element of your campaign. If you do need to complete a redesign, follow our 10 steps to a successful site overhaul.

With so many different marketing channels to choose from, streamlining your marketing budget no longer means settling for less. With the right marketing formula and a carefully articulated message, an efficient campaign can lead to better results and more dollars left in your pocket.

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