The 2021 Petrochemical Purchasing Report

How prospects intend to buy amid uncertain economic conditions

How do top petrochemical buyers assess brands today?

A devastating pandemic that has upended normal lab operations. A teetering economic situation. From manufacturers to buyers, if there is a word that summarizes the current state of the petrochemical market it is ‘uncertainty’.

To help manufacturers navigate 2021, the American Chemical Society’s Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN) conducted a study of more than 400 buyers in the petrochemical market to understand how these external factors will impact buying decisions in 2021.

We wondered: In a world of constricted budgets and limited spending, does it simply come down to who has the lowest price?


Our free report uncovers:

  • How top petrochemical buyers assess brands today.
  • Ways to evaluate whether your brand is putting its resources into the factors that customers value most.
  • What the top 9 brands are doing to position themselves as innovative, environmentally responsible and leaders in customer service — attracting and retaining business despite the continued uncertainty.

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