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Our audience is increasingly interested in the ways in which chemistry can impact the environment, – both positively and negatively. In fact, a 2020 study indicated that environmental concerns play a major role in decision making when scientific buyers are evaluating purchases for their labs and companies. On this page you’ll find how C&EN plans to cover sustainability topics in the year ahead, as well as additional data on what matters most to buyers in our space.

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Looking beyond the trends and drilling down into the real issues.

Forward-looking companies make their investment decisions by following societal megatrends around food, water, transportation, and clean energy. C&EN’s Sustainability track offers a number of articles and special reports that explore the role of chemistry in making society more sustainable. Past features included a sustainability report card that would allow investors to be better matched with sustainably minded companies. The Technology and Research sub-track has tackled topics such as valuable aromatic molecules being made from waste biomaterials or plastic. And our Industries features have highlighted ionic liquids in batteries, cleaner solvents, rare-earth metal recycling, and more efficient chemical processes.


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With more than 70 journals to segment and target specific markets, you can reach millions of readers in your segment anywhere in the world, including Europe and Asia. You’ll also have access to corporate subscribers from industry leaders like Pfizer, Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GSK, Genentech and Amgen. Click here to learn more about advertising in ACS Journals, or browse the list of journals below related to the environment and sustainability research.

  • The 2021 Petrochemical Purchasing Report

To help manufacturers navigate 2021, the American Chemical Society’s Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN) conducted a study of more than 400 buyers in the petrochemical market to understand how these external factors will impact buying decisions in 2021. We wondered: In a world of constricted budgets and limited spending, does it simply come down to who has the lowest price?

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Petrochemicals Report
  • Explore C&EN's first ever single-topic issue

Learn how chemists are developing new technologies to protect food and water supplies, save critical ecosystems, and safeguard cities from natural disasters in the face of climate change in this February 2020 single-topic issue. Your brand can join these important conversations with sponsorships of similar editorially-led programs in 2022 and beyond.

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