Materials Science

Keeping the focus on advanced materials.

C&EN is unique among the major chemical magazines in keeping focus on advanced materials. Our Materials Science track highlighted national labs, universities, and companies around the world that provided scientists special access to the world’s most powerful computers in the wake of COVID-19. And past articles covered breathable electronics, pneumatic actuators that repair
themselves in seconds, and the use of 2-D materials for transistors in computer chips.

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Relevant Journals

  • Case Study: Creating a Brand’s Tangible Presence

The Laboratory Chemicals Division of Thermo Fisher Scientific was interested in inserting its presence into industrial and academic laboratories worldwide, and with the International Year of the Periodic Table, they knew there could be an innovative program that would speak to their audience – and create brand recognition. Download our case study to see how to use a popular topic and enthusiasm for science for relevant and authentic content creation.

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Thermo Poster Case Study

Technology & Resources

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