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What You Should Really Know About Media Planning and Buying

Successful advertising requires a strategy behind it, and most often involves using more than one channel to deliver a message to your target audience. Use this white paper to guide you through every phase of media planning, from what to look for in a media kit to the best ways to keep track of metrics.

What will you learn in this white paper?

The aim of media planning is to determine the best combination of media placements to achieve a successful advertising campaign. It’s about seizing the opportune moment for your brand to meet your audience. But with the media planning landscape ever-evolving, and more options for advertisers than ever before,  how do you know where to spend your limited budget to ensure your advertising dollars are used effectively?

In this white paper, we’ll outline:

  • Two Phases of Media Planning & Buying:
  • 1) Strategy, with Guiding Questions
  • 2) Management & Submissions
  • Trends in Media Buying
  • Best Practices: Digital & Print
  • Media Planning Checklist

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