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The Persona Builder Guide

Designed to help science marketers enhance their strategies with neuromarketing, our Persona Builder Guide will give you step-by-step instructions, best practices, and helpful case studies of how to identify and reach your target audience.

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With the help of a neuroscientist, we'll walk you through a series of steps - with designated sections to record your answers - to build a more refined, data-driven marketing strategy.

First, we’ll work with you to identify and define your target audience. In the subsequent sections, you’ll get to go another level deeper into creating a client persona. Once you have your target audience and client persona data in hand, the next steps will focus on how to turn neuromarketing and persona insights into your marketing strategy.

Persona Builder

Throughout the guide, we’ve also asked a science marketing agency, The Market Element, to give us their take and provide real business examples, along with a featured case study from Jennifer Arnold of InnovaMap. These examples will show you how the elements within our Persona Builder Guide are actually put into action in our industry.

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