b2b marketing trends for science marketers

Top B2B Trends Science Marketers Should Know

Get an overview of the most important B2B trends that will impact your marketing strategies.

By C&EN Media Group

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Science marketers face complicated challenges every day. We are responsible for launching complex products, raising brand awareness (often through complicated mergers and acquisitions), consistently driving traffic to company websites, targeting the right audience on the right channels, and collecting quality leads for the sales team to boot.

Plus, marketing to scientists can be an entirely different beast than other industries, and what one generic blog tells you will work, could entirely fall flat with the skeptical, curious and data-driven mind of a scientist. Keeping up on all these angles is a job in it of itself.

So, what should a science marketer pay attention to?

We’ve compiled a quick overview of each of the top B2B marketing trends you should know, so you can take them into account as you develop your latest and greatest marketing strategies. Get instant access with your email.

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