3 Tools to Guide Your Next Advertising Campaign

The advertising industry is constantly evolving. Which means your tools should be too. Check out the latest solutions from C&EN to guide your marketing and strategy decisions.

By C&EN Media Group

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As buyer tendencies continue to evolve, organizations must diversify the way they target and connect with them. From maximizing lead nurturing and product visibility, to activating the right audience, C&EN Media Group is dedicated to providing the tools advertisers and science marketers need to navigate the ever advancing marketing and sales industry.  

So, the ultimate question: where should you spend your money? We’ve developed three unique playbooks highlighting some of the most important tools for advertisers today, like robust lead generation programs, modern digital advertising solutions, and event marketing strategies.

In the pages of these digital playbooks, you will find a mix of recommended best practices, our available advertising products to match them, and the knowledge you need to better navigate the needs of today’s buyers in the lab, and other decision makers. Review and download all three below.

Digital Advertising Toolkit  

According to our study on buying behavior, 45% of scientific buyers cited internet searches and online journals as a way of learning about new products or technologies, and 42% cited the internet when evaluating potential suppliers of a product. But competition for a buyer’s attention is at an all-time high. In order for science marketers to succeed and meet modern expectations, personalized ad experiences must now be created across multiple channels and devices. But where do you start?

digital advertising toolkit

Our Digital Advertising Toolkit outlines important top-of-funnel strategies and highlights how you can navigate digital advertising channels, providing guidance and strategy on how to customize our offerings to accomplish your company’s goals. From building brand awareness and drawing consumers to your website, to creating engaging and memorable experiences through interactive multimedia, digital advertising can be part of an ongoing conversation that your brand has with its customers. And if you know C&EN, you know our publication is the place to do it.

Ready to download: Digital Advertising Toolkit  

Lead Generation Playbook

More than ever, buyers are choosing to self educate and access information online without the assistance of a salesperson. Now, within a few clicks, buyers are able to find the answers to their questions and the solutions to their problems. But in our technical space, if they don’t find the right information at the right time, companies risk losing their business.

Gated content and lead generation strategies have emerged as sophisticated tools that allow buyers to access the materials they need to make decisions or stay informed. The C&EN Lead Generation Playbook highlights how it has evolved and includes novel techniques that you should know in order to connect your specific solution to your ideal buyer. By downloading this playbook, learn the who, what, where and how of lead gen. Plus we’ll walk you through our suite of solutions, from developing marketing campaigns from materials you already have, to complete turn-key webinars and whitepapers. C&EN can help you  reach your target audience from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel.

Get inspired for your next lead generation campaign, and see what strategies will work best for you.

Ready to download: C&EN Lead Generation Playbook

Event Marketing Guide

In the chemical industry, large conferences and scientific meetings provide an invaluable opportunity for science marketers to reach a diverse, global group of scientists and buyers. When attending these events, you want to both stand out against the competition and target the right audience, before, during and after onsite engagements.

But what do you have to do to stand out? In addition to the advertising opportunities C&EN offers in our Show Dailies publications of popular trade shows, such as CPhI North America and CPhI Worldwide, we also help our clients with general event marketing strategies. These strategies include generating traffic to your booth, producing compelling content, and capturing high-quality leads. To ensure your organization has the tools you need to successfully engage with the audiences you are looking to target, C&EN put together the Event Marketing Guide.

This guide includes tips on how to navigate attracting potential buyers and educating them on the latest technologies and applications in an often crowded space. Like our other guides, you can also find advertisement solutions from C&EN that align with your campaign goals, as well as and case studies and results from successful onsite events.

Whether you are looking to promote your products and services, recruit your next hire, or promote your brand to influential scientists– download this guide to achieve maximum impact.

Ready-to-download: C&EN Event Marketing Guide

Are you ready to utilize these marketing tools in your next advertising campaign? Our team of marketers and sales experts are available to talk through all your questions and make recommendations based on your campaign goals. Contact us to set up your free consultation now!

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