Clicked, Liked & Shared: Our Top 5 Posts from 2018

Take a break from 2019. Here are the posts you and your fellow science marketers enjoyed the most from last year.

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Over the past five years, the C&EN Marketing Elements blog has strived to become a resource where you can find best practices and latest trends within the science marketing industry – and be your platform for connecting on a larger scale throughout our community. Be it through events, webinars, or Q&As with leaders in our space. It’s your clicks, likes and shares that has helped us cultivate our voice and continue to be steadfast in these efforts.

To that end, as we reflect on another year of science marketing reporting, let’s take a look back at our top five science marketing articles five from 2018.

# Five

Up Your Distribution Strategy with Native Ad Display Units

As the digital landscape continues to grow and evolve, consumer behavior and requirements have changed. Always pushing to create better opportunities for advertisers and publishers navigating this shift, C&EN introduced new native advertising units that create a better advertisement experience for the reader, providing more visually appealing and informative ads that appear in-line with other articles. One of our most popular this year, this blog post will help you better understand how these ad units work, and the best way to use them for your next campaign.

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# Four

How to Produce Less Blog Content and Get More Leads

We are reminded here at C&EN every day that quality content never gets old. Don’t tire yourself out trying to mass produce blog posts. Instead of having to reinvent the wheel every single time you create a post, include information that will always be deemed valuable. Use these tips to learn how to maximize the reach and impact of each piece of content you write through repurposing and creative distribution, ultimately allowing you to cut down on the total number of pieces you need to create in the first place.

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# Three

Your Neuromarketing Guide – A New Series to Reach Your Target Audience

Marketers are under a ton of pressure, and every single one knows the feeling of having to plow ahead with a campaign simply to get it out the door. Wish you could read the minds of your targeted market and better understand the emotions that drive their desire for your product or service instead? In our four-step neuromarketing guide, we worked with neuroscientist Jennifer Arnold of InnovaMap and Chuck Miller of the Market Element agency. We showed you how to find your target audience, understand key insights, and mix them with neuroscience strategies, creating a combination that will engage the brain––and ultimately, build a better marketing plan. Numerous blog posts in this series made our top content of 2018, but hyou can get started at the very beginning.

Get started with our introductory post to the series 

# Two

Steps to Finding the Right Chemistry for Rebranding Success

Has someone ever asked you to explain what your company really does – and you can’t? For the folks over at Ashland, a global speciality chemical giant, this problem had hit too close to home. Their branding no longer reflected the range of products and services they offered, and no one knew why. After decades of dominating the global market, Ashland was in need of a clearer and fresher brand voice. In this special interview, Carolmarie Brown, Ashland’s director of global marketing, brand and business communications, walks us through the steps she took to successfully rebrand this institutional company. Hint: A lot of research and trusting her gut.

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# One

Daniel Peiffer of Illumina on Life Science Product Brand Strategy

Of no surprise, two of our top posts in 2018 were profiles of marketers in our industry. For our top post of the year, Dr. Daniel Peiffer walked us through his journey as a life science researcher and award-winning product marketer, before he landed as a member of the Illumina sales team. His many paths, both within and outside of Illumin, give him a unique perspective on how to reach scientists. Get the inside look below.

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What types of posts would you like to see this year? Use the comment section below to tell us what type of marketing challenges, how-to’s, and other content you would like us to add to our coverage.

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