15 Signs You’re On the Science Trade Show Circuit

By C&EN Media Group

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Name badges, convention halls, bad coffee, and lack of sunlight. Oh, the joys of the science trade show circuit!

If you’re like many science marketers, trade shows have become an exceedingly familiar ground—a home away from home. When you set foot on that spongy show floor, you’re in the zone. Whether you’re traveling across town or flying over the Atlantic to attend your next convention, you’re sure to have seen it all before. Here are the 15 signs you’re a master of the science trade show circuit.

1. You get a warm feeling when you spot that “familiar face” in the convention hall, which is actually a stock image of a scientist that 16 different companies use in their marketing materials.


2. You’ve become an expert at locating a power source to recharge your phone, even when it requires sitting on the floor or rewiring an outlet.


3. You have 17 foam stress balls in your bag and you’re not sure why.


4. It’s a miracle when your elaborate product demo is finally up and running.


5. You know which lab instrument company has the best cookies.


6. You’ve convinced yourself that your comfortable shoes are also sufficiently fashionable.


7. And even if you know those comfy shoes are ugly, you’re wearing them anyway to prevent the crippling ailment known as “convention center foot.”


8. You plan your family trip to Disneyland around the big show in San Diego or Orlando.


9. You’re all too familiar with the legend of a free, functioning Wi-Fi connection.


10.You avoid that one overly aggressive booth at all costs, for fear of being pushed another flyer.


11. But you spend an hour seeking out the cool sunglasses your kids have requested from a company’s booth — a company they now know by name.


12.You hoard event badges like a boy scout leader.


13.You have enough Marriott points to take a family vacation this summer for free. But all you want to do is sleep in your own bed.


14. You do a happy dance when you reach your lead generation goals.


15.Your fellow exhibitors’ live demonstrations regularly wow you to the core.


Because you so, so, so love:


As science professionals we all help build a trade show community that is unique, groundbreaking and extraordinary. Trade shows are an invaluable tool for meeting new customers, staying on top of trends and connecting with your existing network. The face time can’t be underestimated. And that’s why you keep going back. OK, and you can’t pass up the opportunity to grow your collection of awesome trade show trinkets.

We want to know: Do you have your 2015 trade show calendar sorted out yet? What are the funniest or most classic signs that you’re a warrior on the life science trade show circuit?

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