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Insights from HDMZ President and CEO Dillon Allie on his company's approach in the ever evolving field of life science marketing

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HDMZ is among six top science marketing agencies featured in C&EN Media Group’s Movers & Shakers of Science Marketing eBook. Based in Chicago and San Francisco, the agency specializes in life science research, medical devices, and digital health technology. HDMZ prides itself on its ability to be listeners, confidants, psychologists, cheerleaders, coaches, and conductors, who work closely with clients to help advance their marketing programs. 

We talked to HDMZ President and CEO Dillon Allie about his company’s approach in the ever evolving field of life science marketing.

Insights from HDMZ

Dillon first joined HDMZ in 2005 as an Account Executive, later becoming Senior Vice President and a member of the executive team.

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During his time on the executive team, HDMZ experienced unprecedented growth. The company doubled in size from 2014 to 2021 thanks to consistent wins in new business, an expansion of agency services and client retention that exceeded industry benchmarks.

One secret to their success is HDMZ’s insights into their specialized demographic of intelligent, well informed and busy science professionals. “Science audiences don’t behave anything like consumer audiences or even traditional B2B,” says Dillon. “There’s a lot more research involved to find out where they spend time online, to whom they speak, and what those conversations are like. A good digital marketing strategy discovers the right opportunities to catch their attention in brief instances and then puts forward a message that spurs immediate action to learn more.”

Like all of the agencies we profiled, the COVID-19 pandemic spurred changes at HDMZ. Dillon notes that although the pandemic has left an “indelible, catastrophic mark on the world,” it has also been responsible for several positive outcomes, including an increase in science literacy among the lay press and the general population.

HDMZ at a Glance

  • Website:
  • Year Formed: 1936
  • LinkedIn: HDMZ
  • Primary Industries Served:  Life Sciences, Biotech, Clinical Development, Healthcare IT, and Applied Sciences
  • Target Audiences: C-Suite, Corporate Communications, VPs and Directors of Marketing, Product Leadership, VPs of Public Relations, IT, Creative Directors, and VPs of Media
  • Office Locations: Chicago, IL and San Francisco, CA

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