Most Read Science Marketing Articles of 2019

Before you start that shiny new decade, here are the posts you and your fellow science marketers read the most this year.

By C&EN Media Group

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With so many shifts in buyer tendencies and our industry at large, our goal here at C&EN Marketing Elements is to ensure that you all have the tools and resources you need to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices. 

But before we go into a new decade (!), let’s take a look back at what mattered to you in 2019 and the top science marketing articles of the year. From highlighting the differences between product and content marketing strategies, to best practices in both online and offline marketing, these are the posts that resonated the most.

# Five

Exploring Sponsorship Opportunities Beyond the Tradeshow

Tradeshows and conferences are a natural home for sponsorships. And while they put your products in front of key industry players across many scientific industries, your branding potential doesn’t need to  be limited to the walls of the conference hall.

In this post, we covered why you should you could also consider webinars, award programs, community-oriented events, and other speaking engagements.

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# Four

Five Life-Changing Chemicals Discovered by Accident

Not every mistake is a bad mistake. Sometimes, miscalculating a measurement or mixing the wrong two chemicals together can create a compound that not only changes the course of your research, but the course of history.

In this popular blog post, we highlighted five instances where simple mistakes by scientists created some of the most common everyday chemicals. Like crazy glue, which was first identified by scientist Harry Coover, who at the time was looking to find a chemical that could make plastic gun sights. Plus, we showcase interesting marketing facts surrounding these scientific discoveries.

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# Three

The Benefits of Combining Online and Offline Marketing Strategies

Studies continue to show the benefit of print: that there are a large amount of people who prefer to hold something tangible in their hands, and who trust a publication that has been around for decades. And while digital media has revolutionized the way we market to and target our core audiences, your entire campaign should not solely depend on it. One only has to look to Facebook’s pivot to video debacle.

In this post, we cover combining the two practices together to create a unified marketing approach. Some tactics are simple, such as including URLs throughout your print ads or integrating social media into your live events. While some require a holistic view towards your brand, and the tools at your disposal.

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# Two

Product Marketing vs. Content Marketing: What’s the Difference?

The way in which the average customer seeks out and retains information around a product has changed drastically. Customers are no longer sold by direct advertisements wrapped in generic marketing jargon. Instead, they’re  looking for a company to give them information about the product and how those products will remedy their exact pain points. 

In this blog post we discussed how content marketing adds another layer of promotion to your product marketing and advertising efforts.

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# One

Chemistry Trends You Should Know for 2019

As science marketers, knowing what trends will be pushing the industry is a huge part of our job. So it was no surprise to us that this post recapping our editorial  webinar on advancements in chemistry was our most read post of the year. 

Thanks to a panel of scientific editors from C&EN, ChemRxiv, Nature, and Science, we went into the 2019 year knowing about advancements in machine learning, the dangers of microplastic pollution, and how green chemistry and flow chemistry are worthy of our attention. [Stay tuned for our next webinar recap for trends you should know for 2020!]

Read ‘Chemistry Trends You Should Know for 2019’

The start of a new decade means the start of a new wave of science marketing resources to share with our community! In addition to our growing library of case studies and events, catch up with our webinars on-demand, and our new report on B2B marketing trends. Use the comment section below to tell us what type of marketing resources, how-to’s, and other content you would like us to add to the Marketing Elements blog.

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