Agency Profile: BioStrata

BioStrata co-founders Dr. Paul Avery, BSc, PhD, and Dr. Clare Russell, BSc, PhD, discuss their agency's successes and passion for making the world a better place

By C&EN Media Group

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BioStrata was one of six top science marketing agencies featured in C&EN Media Group’s Movers & Shakers of Science Marketing. Founded in 2014, BioStrata is an integrated, full-service marketing agency with headquarters in Boston and Cambridge, UK. The agency offers traditional services such as strategy, marketing planning, design, science writing, PR, and social media, as well as outcome-based service packages including brand awareness, lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales enablement. We spoke with BioStrata co-founders Dr. Paul Avery, BSc, PhD, and Dr. Clare Russell, BSc, PhD, about their agency’s successes and passion for making the world a better place.

Insights from BioStrata

Paul, BioStrata’s CEO, brings over a decade of biology expertise to his role, including a degree in Genetics and a PhD from Cambridge University in molecular biology. Clare, Chair of BioStrata’s Board, couples her many years of agency experience with her extensive background in physiology, immunology and medical research. A passion for science’s role in improving lives is a driving factor for both co-founders.

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“Having embarked on an academic research career, including a PhD in developmental biology, I realized that I love talking about science more than actually doing it myself in a lab,” says Paul. “I also love the impact science can have on the world and I wanted a role where I could indulge my scientific passion and still play an important role.”

By connecting scientists and other life science professionals with the right tools, technology and information, Clare says BioStrata is able to help make the world a better place for everyone.

“Our team is driven by the spectacular industry that we work within, full of the brightest and most inspirational minds,” says Clare. “I feel lucky to be part of that community, where I can help facilitate change and further the incredible developments and technologies that are driving progress across our planet in some of the most exciting areas of technology and medicine.”

As for what lies on the horizon for science marketing, BioStrata is paying close attention to artificial intelligence and the industry’s return to in-person events. “We are keeping an eye on the emerging role of AI and machine learning to improve automation in many aspects of marketing, such as managing large ad programs at scale,” says Clare. “This includes the ability to make iterative ad copy and creative optimizations automatically, running lots of concurrent tests, and improving results based on performance. As we enter the latter stages of the pandemic, it will also be interesting to see how the industry returns to the major trade shows and events, including what role hybrid events play, and how marketing and sales teams will need to adapt to get the best results and ROI.”

BioStrata at a Glance

  • Website:
  • Year Formed: 2014
  • LinkedIn: BioStrata
  • Primary Industries Served: Life Sciences
  • Services Provided: Full Service, Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Target Audiences: Life Science Marketing and Commercial Directors
  • Office Locations: Cambridge, UK and Boston, USA

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